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In the spirit of transparency, navigate our collection of documents on which the Yukon Green Party was constructed.

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ELECTION! November 7th, 2016!

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Our policies and platform reflect our vision for a modern, smart economy that reduces dependence, creates long term jobs for all skill levels, and doesn’t rely on generating pollution to generate energy.

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democracy, sustainability, justice, diversity & equality

     The Vision of the Yukon Green Party is a territory that prospers through stewardship of its
geographical, natural and renewable resources, with a fairly representative government that encourages local solutions and efforts, respects the contributions of our diverse communities and acts in the best interests of both current and future generations of Yukoners.

     The Yukon Green Party aspires to the fundamental human needs of happiness, resilience, security, and time for contemplation, rewarding work and access to healthy local food.  A Yukon Green Party government will expand and support local agriculture and appropriate farming technology, rethink healthcare, enact voting and legislative reform, localize energy production, reconsider how we manage resources and waste, develop local building materials, and respect and promote all cultures.
     In our Green Vision, Yukoners participate in respectful, transparent and effective

communication with government and can expect the territory to be managed sensibly, self-reliantly and equitably.

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Whitehorse, YT Y1A 3R3