Regular $20 Membership

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Membership in the Yukon Green Party sends a message to Yukon governing bodies and other Yukoners that you are committed to the values of the party, and are committed to creating a Yukon that will reflect those values. Members can take advantage of many great opportunities, including: participating in your local riding and helping to choose your next election candidate, influencing Green Party policy development, voting in party elections and keeping up to date with Green Party activities.

Memberships cost $20, or $10 for students and seniors.


$10 Student/Senior Membership


Until the Yukon Green Party successfully elects a candidate to the Yukon Legislature, our only sources of income are membership dues and donations.  Your donations are used for banking and administration fees,  advertising and activism campaigns, events and much more.

Donations to registered political parties or candidates have very generous tax credits that are available to both individuals and corporations.  The maximum annual credit is $500 and the credit amount is calculated as the sum of:
75% of the first $100 of contributions
50% of the next $450 of contributions
33.33% of the next $600 of contributions



As the newest political party, the Yukon Green Party relies exclusively on volunteers, volunteers are greatly valued and play a vital role at all levels of the organization.

It is important to us that our volunteers get the most rewarding experience possible for their efforts.  Whether you are interested in resume building or activism or encounters with like minded individuals, 'talk to us' so that we can tailor your goals and interests into meaningful involvement.

Volunteer positions range from anything as easy as small amounts of time organizing brochures, up to large amounts of time developing policy and organizing events.  Any time volunteers give is greatly appreciated.