Yukon Green Party policy priorities.  Food, water and shelter.

 Yukon Green Party

 Policy Book


Like Green Parties around the world, the Yukon Green Party ensures that it's policies reflect the 6 core values established in the Charter of Global Greens.

The Yukon Green Party will promote the value of sustainability by being fiscally responsible, socially progressive, and environmentally conscious. We are committed to a competitive and green economy. Creating a green economy will create new industries and new jobs. Greens seek to avoid the shocks of boom and bust cycles. We will build a resilient economy—a prosperous economy now and for the future, for all Yukoners.

Yukon Green Party representatives will encourage participatory democracy by being a responsible, accountable and transparent government. We will educate on the need to vote and participate and we will relentlessly work toward electoral reform until our goal is met.

The value of social justice will be respected by creating policies that care about those who are vulnerable. We believe government should encourage hard work and independence. Government should unite people to create strong communities. We are committed to ending poverty by supporting those in need. We believe in working hard for a better future, a better future for all our citizens.

The Yukon is a very diverse region both culturally and ecologically. Diverse cultures, economies and ecosystems are healthy systems and are therefore more stable and adaptable. For that reason, the Yukon Green Party will safeguard these valuable resources by protecting and promoting a healthy respect for diversity.

The Yukon Green Party will uphold the value of non-violence by safeguarding people's security and freedom through cooperation and consensus-building. People are looking for a sense of security and participation and the assurance of non-violence will go a long way to encourage active involvement in many important areas.

Learning to live within the physical and biological limits of our Earth and to protect its life giving nature is how the Yukon Green Party plans to move forward. It is not a step back, but a step in the right direction to make sure the value of ecological wisdom is employed to ensure our own comfortable survival for generations to come.